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Modern communication facilities combined with high level of service make AVISO the perfect choice for you to set up your business in Indonesia.

AVISO provides virtual and serviced office, hot desk, business address, meeting rooms, fax and telephone, and internet access.

Specialised teams at AVISO can also handle local and international company registration, KITAS, and trademark registration.

Premium location complemented with high quality service offered at a fraction of the cost.


Serviced Office

Businesses, entrepreneurs, and organisations alike can benefit from the use of our furnished and well-equipped office.

Virtual Office

Get the business presence your company needs at a fraction of the cost.

Meeting Rooms

Meet your clients at our prestigious and strategic location in South Jakarta.

Company Incorporation (Local and Foreign)

Get the best advice from our in-house expert regarding company incorporation in Indonesia.

Trademark Registration

Aviso understands that your brand is one of your greatest assets - protect yours with us!

Storage Facilities (on demand)

Keep your office organized with our on-demand storage facilities.

Equipped with the knowledge of local and international business practices, AVISO can understand your business needs.


Fully furnished office

Ready to use as your super comfortable office as soon as you move in.


AVISO will receive incoming mails and forward them to you.


AVISO provides modern communication solutions for entreprenurs, businesses, and organisations.

CCTV and Finger Print Access

Put your mind at ease with our secured office.

On-site office manager

Address your feedbacks and inputs directly at our on-site office manager.


AVISO also provides video conferencing equipment, pantry, broadband and wireless internet connection for you.


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    Due to high demand from our customers, AVISO will open its second location at Graha Pratama Building Level 10, Jl. MT. Haryono Kav 15, South Jakarta. AVISO  Suite at MT. Haryono will have 8 high end serviced office spaces, 2 meeting rooms, and a spacious co-working space for those who sought open space working environment to be more creative.

    AVISO Suite is perfect for aspiring businesses, start-ups, and solopreneurs who wish to work from a great location without having to pay annual rent which may break your bank account.

    Contact us at marketing@aviso.co.id or call our head office at 021 2991 2275 for more info.





















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    Setelah ditunggu-tunggu, Badan Pelayanan Terpadu Satu Pintu (BPTSP) DKI Jakarta akhirnya mengeluarkan perizinan virtual office melalui Surat Edaran (SE) Nomor 06/ SE/ 2016. Dalam surat edaran ini, BPTSP menyatakan memberikan izin legalitas kepada perusahaan yang beralamat kantor di virtual office. Dokumen-dokumen yang dapat diajukan dengan virtual office diantaranya:





    Dan izin-izin lainnya.

    Keputusan ini akan memudahkan para pelaku bisnis atau startup on-line yang ingin memiliki alamat di daerah yang bergengsi dengan harga yang sangat terjangkau.


    Mulai dari Rp. 250.000,-/bulan, Anda dapat menyewa virtual office AVISO yang terletak di pusat bisnis Jakarta.


    Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silahkan hubungi kami di marketing@aviso.co.id.





    Emirsyah Dinar

    Marketing and Sales Director

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    Indonesia can be a challenging place to do business, especially for foreign firms. Rules change often and without warning; many are vague. Some recent regulations highlight a tendency toward protectionism—including import tariffs and tightened foreign work permits. Here are some common difficulties facing foreign businesses in Indonesia.


    1. Rules are often unclear

    Policies in Indonesia are often vague, and the details can take years to clarify and implement, legal advisers say. That can make it harder “to plan an investment strategy with a lot of confidence,” said Sean Prior, a partner at Ashurst law firm in Singapore. One central-bank law drafted in 2011 thatprohibited the use of foreign currencies in domestic transactions was only clarified in March 2015–and some companies said it still left out details about how broadly it would apply. The investors who do best in Indonesia tend to have a high tolerance for uncertainty, Mr. Prior said.


    1. Rules can change quickly

    The Indonesian government often makes sudden changes to the rules, in ways that are difficult to predict. Such shifts raise the cost of doing business, say advisers. In July, the government raised import tariffs on 1,000 goods. For Levi’s, duties rose to 25% from 15%, and the company was notified the day before the increase took effect. “Our products were already there at customs,” said Sumesh Wadhwa, head of Levi’s Indonesia. “The entire consignment got delayed because we had to pay the balance of the duties to get those products released.”


    1. Policymakers sometimes focus on national interests

    Indonesian officials sometimes push for nationalistic business policies, even when they don’t make economic sense, some companies say. One oft-cited example is a ban on the export of some raw mineral ores, which is supposed to spur the development of domestic processing facilities. But since Indonesia doesn’t have many such facilities yet, some mines are sitting idle while other countries that don’t have such rules, like the Philippines, are benefitting, said Sjahrial Ong, head of the Indonesian construction equipment association. He estimated that sales of heavy equipment have fallen by as much as 70% this year.


    1. The labor situation isn’t attractive

    Indonesia is hoping to boost investment in manufacturing, to wean itself away from the commodities that have traditionally accounted for more than half the country’s exports. Many companies say that will require more investment in people. “One thing we need to focus on over here is more higher education and more manufacturing facilities, more entrepreneurship,” said Levi’s Mr. Wadhwa. Wages are rising, while rigid labor laws that require high severance pay and growing restrictions on foreign workers are adding to the unattractiveness, companies say.


    1. Infrastructure is inadequate

    President Joko Widodo has made infrastructure investment a key drive of his administration. That means building more roads, ports and power plants and clearing up red tape that keeps goods from moving around the country efficiently. Investors have welcomed the effort, but many are frustrated by how slowly the plans are being implemented. According to the World Bank, which ranks Indonesia 53rd among 189 economies on logistical performance, it can be cheaper to import an orange from China than ship it from within Indonesia.



    • http://blogs.wsj.com/briefly/2015/09/28/5-top-challenges-facing-foreign-businesses-in-indonesia/
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    2015 is ending soon – have you registered your trademark in Indonesia?
    No, I have not – do I have to?

    Your customers’ purchasing decisions are somewhat driven by your brand or trademark. It is important for your business to have its trademark protected as it serves as your intellectual property asset – something of value that you can license later on as your business grows.

    Other reasons why you should register your trademark now:
    1. Your trademark is an effective communication tool.
    2. Your business is defined by how your trademark looks and/or sounds like.
    3. Your trademark allows your company to be identified over the internet.
    4. Your trademark will never expire – renewable every 10 years.
    5. As an intangible asset, your trademark can be valued in dollar terms. Therefore, it can act as a collateral.
    6. Indonesia adopts first to file registration system – this simply means any other party who has not used the trademark but has registered it under his or her name is the legal owner of the trademark.
    If you have not registered your trademark, NOW is a great chance to talk to us. Our partner has over 25 years of experience in Intellectual Property Management and will make sure your trademark is well protected.

    Contact us at marketing@aviso.co.id

    We look forward to talking to you.

    Best regards,

    Emirsyah Dinar
    Marketing and Sales Director

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    Are you currently looking for an office space in Jakarta?

    Mashable spoke with Kelly to create a checklist of basic considerations for your new space. While not every point will be relevant to your business—and you may need to compromise on a few areas—it’s a useful list to work through once you’ve drawn up a shortlist of properties.

    1. The location

    Is it a safe neighborhood?

    If premises seem cheap, there’s often a very good reason. Is the area safe? “Your staff and visitors will feel safer visiting your office if the area has a good reputation,” says Kelly. “Employees spend in excess of eight hours a day in the office, so having a secure neighborhood where your employees feel safe should be a priority. Consider the route staff will need to travel to and from local transport, especially if traveling by foot.”

    Are there good transport links?

    How easy are the premises to commute to? The obvious question for big city center offices is how close the nearest subway or rail line is, but consider bus, bicycle and automobile routes, too. Your staff may be open to a different style of commuting if say, there are no trains but a fantastic bus service. Kelly suggests sitting down with staff to look at their options. “Map your employees’ new journeys into work to assess how the move will affect their daily commute.” If relevant, visitors’ and clients’ access should also be a consideration. “You may also wish to pull together a travel plan to identify alternative routes for visitors,” suggests Kelly. If you struggle to make such a plan, then maybe it’s not the location for you.

    Are there amenities nearby?

    Are there places nearby where staff can buy their lunch? Where you could take clients for drinks or a meal? Where you can buy essential supplies for the office? “Life carries on when we are in the office; your employees will have errands to run after work or during lunch. Find an office close to a bank, pharmacy and shopping area and your staff will thank you forever,” according to Kelly.

    Is it a trendy neighborhood?

    Setting up in an area with a reputation as a hot spot for up-and-coming startups or promising young businesses can have a positive effect on how clients and staff view your company, as well as on hiring—not to mention being more likely to boast a thriving social scene.

    2. The Building

    Is the building secure?

    “Nobody likes to work in an insecure environment, and your staff are no different,” says Kelly. “How secure is the building? Do you need extra security for different areas? Have there been any recent break-ins? Are windows, skylights and doors secure, or will they need to be altered upon occupation?”

    Is there a manned reception? If so, what’s the customer service like?

    Does the building provide a manned reception, and even more importantly, does it provide good customer service? Is it manned by security types or more traditional receptionists? Even if the staff at the front desk aren’t your own, they will still be the first impression a client or other visitor has of your company.

    Is there major building work planned?

    It’s worth asking about any long-term building work planned for the near future. Moving into a brand new office only to find out the floor above is being completely renovated—and you’ve signed up to live with the noise and mess for many months—isn’t going to be a great experience.

    Is the building well-maintained?

    Does the company that manages the building do a good job? Kelly suggests canvassing existing tenants to find out: “Find out who is managing the day-to-day operations, security and services of the building. Is it a credible firm? Ask other tenants about the quality of service.”

    Is there out-of-hours access?

    If you’d like access at all times, this is essential to determine. “If your staff are likely to need access to the building outside of normal office hours, you’ll need to consider how easy it is for them to do so. Is there 24-hour access and security?” Kelly says.

    Is there parking or bike storage?

    There’s no point analyzing how long it takes to drive or ride to the office unless you also consider what you’re going to do with your car or bike when you get there. “Are there enough parking spaces? If your building doesn’t have its own car park, is there sufficient parking nearby for employees and regular visitors? You may wish to consider renting out several individual parking spaces for those all-important client visits,” suggests Kelly.

    Are there competitors in the building?

    It might seem an odd consideration, but you don’t want staff from a rival firm lingering in public spaces where they can overhear going-ons at your company, or worse still, elevator-pitching your potential new clients.

    3. The Space

    Is there enough room?

    Rather than agonizing over square footage, if you’re hiring an office designer, Kelly has a suggestion to work out if you’ll fit into the space. “Get your office design company to do a ‘test fit’ of the space before deciding on a property. That way you can be sure you’re getting exactly the right amount of space for your business,” suggests Kelly. For smaller offices, if you can’t afford that, why not mock out a potential layout with newspaper taped together to represent desks, chairs and other equipment? You might feel a little foolish in the moment, but it’s a great way to better visualize how you’ll use the space.

    Can you decorate?

    You need to ascertain how much freedom you have to make the space your own. Are there any restrictions? If you can decorate as you see fit, will you have to return the space to neutral decor before you leave?

    What are the acoustics like?

    There are things to consider which are easy to miss when viewing an empty office with the windows closed. “A noisy office is one of the most common complaints from staff. Check the acoustics of the internal space. An echoing space can be very uncomfortable to work in,” says Kelly. And be sure to consider the external sound, too. It’s worth visiting the premises at different times of the day to check what it’s like at rush hour, when schools kick out, at night, etc.

    Will the layout work for your business?

    Take a long, hard look at the layout. It’s easy to be wowed by a clean, empty space or a tidy suite of offices, but how will the layout work for you? Is it on just one floor? Are there separate offices? Are they big enough or too big? Is it an open floor plan? Can areas be easily divided if need be? Will this work with your company’s existing style of work? Is it possible to carry out modifications on the space? And, if you are planning to divide the space (even temporarily), are there enough outlets, windows, heating units, etc., in each area? Kelly has two pieces of advice on this topic: “Larger floor plans are more cost effective because they lessen the need for multiple [break rooms], copy points, etc.,” and, “Irregular shaped buildings fit fewer desks and will increase your cost per employee per square foot.”

    Is there room to expand?

    Finally, it’s an obvious one, but if you’re hoping for growth, then make sure that there is room to grow


    Source: https://www.americanexpress.com/us/small-business/openforum/articles/how-to-choose-the-right-office-space/

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    How to Optimize Your Virtual Office
    Tuesday 3 November 2015

    Virtual office space in Jakarta, also known as serviced office Jakarta, is a new trend that opens an opportunity for foreign companies, startups, and professionals to conduct business in a very professional and elegant manner. Many have experienced the benefits of serviced office Jakarta , professional services without the need of setting up actual office.


    Cost savings and low initial cost are what people seek when using this serviced. However, not many people realize how to optimize their serviced office Jakarta. To help you with that, here are several ways of optimization you can do.


    Utilize Technology

    Cutting edge technology will come in handy when you decide to use virtual office for your business. It does not mean that you must have the latest technology available out there, but at least you grab popular devices to support your work. For example, use electronic storage device to store all your documents; use laptop or tablet to work since you will likely to work remotely most of the time; and use broadband connections to create swift communications.


    Using Virtual Tools

    You do not have to be a computer expert for that, but at least you can use virtual communication tools alongside technology that is provided by serviced office Jakarta. Use email, video call, online workspace assistant, and cloud storage to help you work on the go. Some virtual office provider like Aviso serviced office provides great mail handling serviced you can count on.


    Flexible Meetings

    Although virtual office provider usually provides a meeting room for you to meet in person with other acquaintances, clients, and guests, you might want to be flexible for meetings. Virtual tools help you work, organize, and reduce expenses people normally spend on traditional meetings. Just use actual office room if it is really necessary.

    Fully implementing those tips to work remotely by using serviced office Jakarta will ensure your business operates properly. Not only aiming for cost reduction, optimizing your virtual office gives you a better chance to develop your company to a higher level than before. The key lies in how you utilize technology, use virtual tools, and flexibility at meetings.






    Access Date: 29 Juli 2015

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    Virtual office recently becomes more and more popular to answer the need of office room in Jakarta. The changing world into internet technology-oriented communication allows you to work from anywhere, through your personal and prestigious virtual office.


    Unfortunately, since the booming of virtual office space Jakarta , you might meet many unreliable virtual office providers. Not only disadvantaging your work, you might end up losing more money if you choose the unreliable ones. Here are several suggestions on what to seek and avoid when you want to choose virtual office provider.

    What to Seek

    Virtual office provider should take care of everything about a standard office room. Office decoration, furniture, standard stationary and administrative needs are at least available. Room size is another crucial aspect.


    It is true that you will not always be at the virtual office you rent, but when you need it to be right there to assemble a meeting or look forward to meet an important guest, make sure your virtual office space Jakarta is ready to accommodate it.


    Remember, virtual office has to serve your needs since the only one thing that you may bring to work is your laptop. This is what virtual office means. Whether you are available on site or not, all you need is just internet connection, and virtual office take care the rest.


    What to Avoid

    Cost is probably the most important consideration when you decide to rent office space Jakarta. Therefore, you need to avoid high-rent virtual office to keep your expenses under controlled. Cheaper rent price is not always worse than expensive virtual office. Nowadays, many affordable virtual office services do not sacrifice your comfort and functionality.


    Other than that, you must avoid unfavorable lease when it comes to choose virtual office space Jakarta. Try not to be bound by long-term deal without really comprehend what you are doing when renting virtual office. Signing a short-term contract will save your day if you find that your virtual office provider is not a good one.


    By understanding clearly about what you have to seek and what you need to avoid when choosing office space Jakarta will help you to find the best virtual office rental deal. Carefully choosing virtual office determines your company’s success.








    Access Date: 29 Juli 2015

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    Dewasa ini, layanan virtual office di Jakarta atau serviced office Jakarta  makin digemari oleh para profesional, perusahaan asing, dan startup companies. Selain dianggap lebih efisien dalam hal pengeluaran, layanan virtual office juga digemari karena memiliki fitur-fitur layanan yang menarik. Salah satu fitur menarik yang biasa disediakan oleh serviced office Jakarta yaitu hot-desking.

    Hot-desking adalah sebuah sistem yang melibatkan sejumlah karyawan yang menggunakan satu workspace yang sama dalam waktu yang berbeda. Umumnya pada perkantoran konvensional, sistem Hot-desking bertujuan untuk menghemat tempat, menekan biaya, menghadirkan fleksibilitas yang tinggi, serta mendorong para pekerja untuk saling bekerja sama.


    Sementara itu, bagi Anda yang lebih memilih untuk bekerja tanpa kantor menggunakan layanan virtual office, hot-desking memiliki kelebihan lainnya. Berikut beberapa keunggulan hot-desking yang bisa Anda dapatkan melalui layanan virtual office.

    Biaya Terjangkau

    Saat Anda memutuskan untuk menggunakan layanan serviced office Jakarta, tentunya pertimbangan utama adalah menekan biaya. Hot-desking menyediakan area workspace yang efisien tanpa harus memiliki ruangan sendiri yang tentunya membutuhkan biaya yang lebih besar. Penyedia layanan virtual office seperti Arwana serviced office menawarkan paket-paket yang bisa dipilih sesuai kebutuhan dan anggaran Anda dalam menggunakan fitur Hot-desking ini.

    Prestise dan Kenyamanan

    Sama halnya dengan kebutuhan akan ruangan kantor untuk keperluan tertentu yang tidak bisa dilakukan secara komuter, keberadaan hot-desking menunjukkan prestise bagi perusahaan Anda. Meski Anda menggunakan layanan virtual office, namun keberadaan ruangan kantor yang nyata akan memberikan kesan positif bagi klien maupun tamu yang datang. Kenyamanan juga jadi nilai tambahnya. Setelah meeting misalnya, jika Anda membutuhkan komputer atau workstation, Anda bisa langsung menggunakan dengan nyaman.

    Terhubung ke Jaringan

    Virtual office sangat bergantung kepada jaringan internet untuk menghubungkan satu pekerja dengan yang lain. Ketika berada di lokasi virtual office, hot-desking memungkinkan Anda untuk terhubung dengan seluruh layanan virtual office Anda dengan baik. Hal ini tentunya akan memudahkan pekerjaan yang perlu Anda lakukan.


    Fitur hot-desking pada layanan virtual office memberikan nilai lebih. Ketiga keunggulan di atas penting untuk diperhatikan bagi Anda yang menggunakan serviced office Jakarta agar dapat memaksimalkan bisnis Anda. Namun, jangan lupa untuk memilih penyedia layanan virtual office yang kredibel untuk menghindari hal-hal buruk yang mungkin mempengaruhi kinerja Anda.






    Access Date: 29 Juli 2015


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